30th May – 1st June 2008
Chomutov, Czech Republic


Classification will be conducted by IPC Swimming classifiers IPC Swimming appointed for this meeting Chief Classifier Julie O´Neill, Medical Classifier Rafi Heruti, together with Dea Slattery and Jana Svarcova. Classification will be held on 3rd - 4th June 2009. We recommend those who want to be classified to arrive on 2nd June 2009 in the evening. First come first served system will be applied when preparing the schedule for classification. Classification schedule will be distributed by e-mail two weeks before the commencement of the competitions. Athletes requesting international classification have to be registered in the IPC Swimming Database.

The NPCs have to register these athletes via the Licensing Programme before the classification start. Please, be aware, that according to the IPC Swimming requirements athletes without IPC Swimming license cannot be classified.
See the IPC Swimming Licensing Programme.

Classification Schedule